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What sparkler size should I order?

When choosing the ideal sparkler size, consider your goals, how many guests will participate, lighting time, and how many poses you will do during the send off.

Biggest is Best

In “How to Master the Wedding Sparkler Exit“, the photography gurus as Mastin Labs say “If the couple tells you before the big day that they will have a sparkler exit, take the opportunity to suggest that they purchase the longest sparklers possible. Longer sparklers have a more extended burn rate and cast more ambient light on the group. Short sparklers can cast a harsher light, burn quickly, and be more of a fire hazard because the flame is in the crowd rather than high above it.”

When in doubt, buy the 5 Minute Sparklers. They are the longest burning sparkler on the planet and they produce more light, resulting in the best possible photos.

Guest Participation

The more guests that participate in the send off, the longer the sparklers should burn.  Here are some simple guidelines.

  • Up to 50 guests: 20″ or 36″ sparklers
  • 50 to 100 guests: 36″ or 5 Minute sparklers
  • 100+ guests: 5 Minute sparklers

Lighting Time

Radiant™ sparklers light in about 3 seconds but plan on allowing 20 seconds to get everyone in the party lit simultaneously just to be safe.

How many poses will you do?

Plan on 15 seconds per pose.  You don’t want to feel or look rushed, so even though it only takes a few seconds to actually do the pose, you’ll want plenty of time to move from one pose to the next.

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