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2024 Wedding Trends: The Ultimate Guide

Believe it of not, 2024 is upon us.
If you are planning a 2024 wedding, here’s your reminder that it’s time to get busy!
The perfect place to start is our all-inclusive guide to 2024 wedding trends, which highlights everything you need to know about planning your wedding (and more)!

Table of Contents

Wedding Send Off Trends

Despite the sendoff happening at the end of the wedding, it remains top-of-mind with trendy brides.

Here are some of the most popular send off ideas this year.


Sparklers continue to be the most popular choice for wedding send offs.  They are easy to use and provide some of the best wedding photos year after year.

Bonus Tip - Brighter Sparklers Make Better Photos

Professional photographers know that strong lighting is crucial for capturing stunning photos. 

Bride Envy sells the brightest wedding sparklers on the planet. 

LED Balloons

LED balloons have become more popular in recent years because they provide cool photos and can safely be used indoors or out.

Our favorite wedding dress trends

Simple silk silhouettes with bateau necklines are a stunning new trend that was originally inspired by Megan Markle’s royal wedding.

In addition to these Duchess-inspired trends which will rule supreme this year, some of the top 2024 wedding dress trends on our radar include bows, statement sleeves, shorter styles, pants and jumpsuits, intricate florals, and off-the-shoulder necklines.


Regarding bows, trend-setting designer Emilia Wickstead told Harper’s Bazaar, “I can see bows being used in bridal in a new and modern interpretation of the old classic, whether this is through bold placement or dramatic folds.”

Statement sleeves

Meanwhile, the fashion-authority Vogue included statement sleeves on their Top 7 Bridal Trends for Fall. From puffed sleeves to elaborate off-the-shoulder styles — the bigger the better, we say!

Comfort first

For the bride that loves comfort (and a little bit of rule breaking!) pants and jumpsuits as well as mini dresses were two of the top trends spotted all over the runways at bridal fashion week. Wedding experts say these two trends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so plan accordingly.


Additionally, intricate florals are set to be one of the most popular 2024 wedding dress trends with the experts at Wedding Wire stating, “Wildflowers popped up in opulent embroidery lace, appliques and more, creating a whimsical, almost elevated folksy vibe. From three-dimensional appliques to abstract floral embellishments, the wildflower wedding dress trend definitely took our breath away.”


According to Head Designer of Galia Lahav, Sharon Sever, one final wedding dress trend you can count on seeing in 2024 is off-the-shoulder necklines. Lahav tells Marie Claire, “You will see more and more dress designs emphasizing the collar bones. Romantic off-the-shoulder necklines, off-the-shoulder sleeves, and detailed straps will be the dominant neckline trend.”


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The most popular wedding color trends

dress colors
Photo Credit: Brides Magazine
When it comes to 2024 wedding colors, purple is everything.

In the coming year, you can expect to see shades of purple from lavender to lilac showing up on everything from florals to bridesmaids dresses to lighting. Christina Millikin, the owner of Glow Event Design in San Francisco discusses the trend stating, “Blush has had its time in the wedding world for several years . . . . Lavender and shades of purples are beginning to replace classic blush tones.”

Not a fan of purple? There are still plenty of 2024 wedding color trends for you!
Brides Magazine, state that we can expect brides to jump onboard with the 2024 Pantone color of the year: “Living Coral.” Shades of this bright and cheerful hue will work especially well as summer wedding colors this year.
Meanwhile, Hamish Shephard of Bridebook.co.uk, predicts 2024 events to be “awash with hues as bright as the eye can see,” with bold bridesmaids dresses, bright florals, and eye-catching decor. Some of the bright colors that we’ve been seeing everywhere include emerald, turquoise, and burgundy.
As far as metallic tones, 2024 insiders are predicting an increased use of rust-colored tones in place of their shiny or matte counterparts.

Wedding Technology Trends

Some of the emerging wedding trends in the technology sector include the use of video mapping, drones, and augmented reality.

Video mapping

video mapping
Photo Credit: The Curries via Coco Wedding Venues

So what exactly is video mapping? According to Kevin Dennis, the owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services, video mapping uses projectors to transform your venue with different shading, colors, and design elements.

Can’t quite picture it? We love cozy vibes created by the footage of soft, swaying corn projected onto a wall at a Coco Wedding Venues event created by Knot & Pop.


In the realm of technology, MSN predicts drones playing a major role in 2024 weddings, taking wedding videography to a level worthy of a science fiction film.

Augmented reality

Wedding insiders are also predicting a rise in the popularity of augmented reality in 2024 weddings. This futuristic trend will be seen in everything from invitations to name cards, to menus!

Wedding Flower Trends

Although trends may come and go, floral arrangements will always play a key role in weddings, whether it be in a simple bridal bouquet or an elaborate centerpiece.

And 2024 is no exception to this rule.

This coming year, some of the most popular trends we are tracking include greenery, statement pieces, bold colors, and one-of-a-kind stand alones.


Lush greenery has been trending in wedding decor over that last several years, primarily showing up in wedding archways and garlands.

However, in 2024 tastemakers are predicting this trend will expand to bouquets as well. According to Wedding Wire’s conversation with floral designer Christine Boulton, “Giant greenery with two to six amazing blooms, such as garden roses, peonies, and protea, are what brides will be carrying.”

Similarly, lifestyle blog The Everygirl predicts that “Abundant greenery will continue to be a big part of the ceremony and reception decor, but we anticipate seeing it combined with a more colorful selection of flowers, as opposed to being used on its own or simply paired with white stems as we’ve seen recently.”

Statement Pieces

Move over centerpieces and archways, the way of the future is one-of-a-kind floral architecture masterpieces such as hanging installations and entire walls covered in flowers!

On their Fresh Trimmings blog, the experts at The Bouqs Company share that these floral installations don’t only serve as decor, they also create a stunning backdrop for photos, and can oftentimes replace photo booths.

Bold colors and florals

It’s time to say goodbye to the classic wedding pastels. In 2024, bold colors are predicted to be one of the top trends in wedding florals.

Along these same lines, unique, quality flowers that are available in a wide array of colors such as dahlias, ranunculus, and peonies, are slated to be some of the most sought-after blooms for weddings in the new year.

Wedding Decor Trends

wedding decor
Photo Credit: The Cedar Room via Brides.com

Industrial spaces

If you are tired of the rustic farm theme that has dominated weddings over the last few years, we have good news for you. The Everygirl predicts that brides will trade in farmyard weddings for more contemporary industrial spaces in 2024 — think: historic warehouses, mills, and factories.

A nod to the natural

Aside from modern, industrial venues, natural decor is another trend that will dominate wedding decor in 2024. “The idea of bringing the outdoors in with lots of tailored greenery will replace the use of flowers in centerpieces,” Atlanta-based Brian Worley told SheFinds of the trend. Along the same lines, Chicago-based event planner Ali Philips predicts couples will turn to herbs and plants in one-of-a-kind vessels for a more natural feel.


The minimalism that has infiltrated home decor and fashion over the past few years is going to be a major trend in 2024 wedding decor according to Brides.com. However, this return to simplicity doesn’t mean your wedding has to lack style, Jenny Schneider of Jenny Schneider Events tells the publication. “Opting for a classic, simple, and refined aesthetic will always be in style.”

Six specific wedding decor trends for 2024

Now that you know a little bit more about the industrial, natural, and minimalistic wedding decor styles to plan on seeing in the coming year, you are probably wondering about the more detailed aspects of decor like place settings and linens.

In our research we found these six 2024 wedding decor trends popping up time and time again:
  • Colorful flatware
  • Textured linens (Such as velvet, tassels, and fringe!)
  • Moody hues
  • Specialized guest cards (such as laser cut placards and monograms)
  • Lucite
  • Black accents


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Delicious wedding food trends

wedding food
Photo Credit: Meredith Parnell via Insider
If all goes according to expert predictions, 2024 is shaping up to be a delicious year for wedding menus!
Some of the biggest 2024 wedding trends for food include interactive/DIY food stations, miniatures, farm-to-table offerings, late-night snacks, specialty foods, and edible favors.

Interactive food stations

One of the top 2024 wedding trends that we’re seeing everywhere is interactive food stations. These DIY food stations could include anything from a build-your-own s’mores table to a decadent guacamole bar.


Foodies also predict that many couples will ditch appetizer for miniature portions of main dishes. This is a fun way to let guests have a quick taste of favorite mains like shrimp and grits in a shot glass or a mini grilled cheese with a sip of tomato soup.

Farm-to-table fare

According to the pros at Connecticut-based Riverhouse Catering, the farm-to-table trend is poised to be one of the biggest wedding food trends in 2024. “More and more couples are opting for quality over quantity, insisting on locally-sourced, organic food that supports sustainable agriculture and local businesses,” they explain on their blog.

Late-night snacks

The team behind Miami’s Eggwhites Special Event Catering predict that late-night snacks will be another popular wedding food trend come 2024. They explain that many couples are opting to provide guests with energizing late night snacks to keep their reception going into the early morning hours. Some of our favorites include pretzels, cookies and milk, and mini tacos with margaritas.

Specialty foods

Dietary lifestyles such as gluten-free, vegan, and paleo have become increasingly common in recent years, and caterers are taking note. Don’t be surprised to see a diverse offering of foods for guests with these dietary restrictions and preferences at weddings in 2024.

Edible favors

The trend of edible wedding favors has steadily increased in popularity over the last few years and it isn’t going anywhere in 2024. This is a fun trend that allows couples to personalize their wedding favors without breaking the bank.
And speaking of food. What’s in store for wedding cake trends in 2024?

Wedding Cake Trends

Long gone are the days of a simple white wedding cake topped with a bride and groom. In the last few years, the art of the wedding cake has become increasingly innovative leading to delicious desserts that also double as stunning works of art. So what can you expect from wedding cake trends in the coming year?

wedding cake trends
Photo Credit: Vanilla Bakeshop via Wedding Wire

Black Fondant

This elegant option topped Wedding Wire’s compilation of wedding cake trends, and it makes sense considering the popularity of bold colors predicted by many wedding insiders. We suggest softening this style of cake with soft florals or pastel accents.

Edible Flowers

And speaking of florals, incorporating edible flowers into wedding cake design is another hot trend for 2024 wedding cakes. However, be warned that these cakes can be almost too pretty to eat!


Following main dish trends, miniatures are also having a moment in the world of wedding cakes. Now, this is one adorable trend that we cannot get enough of!

Cake Alternatives

We also predict that the trend of cake alternatives will continue into 2024. And we don’t mind, considering some of the delicious possibilities include donut cakes, candy bars, and decadent cheese and fruit displays.

Five out-of-the-box wedding trends you can expect to see throughout the year

So we’ve covered the big-ticket items like wedding dresses, decor, and cakes, but what else should you expect this year? Here is a roundup of five out-of-the-box 2024 wedding trends you might just want to try for yourself!

1. Ethical weddings

As seen in the popularity of farm-to-table menu choices, ethical, eco-conscious weddings will be a growing wedding trend in 2024.
This 2024 wedding trend can mean anything from choosing organic food to purchasing a wedding dress from a brand that uses ethical manufacturing practices, to a reducing the use of single-use plastic at receptions.

To keep in line with this trend, check out our eco-friendly send off ideas.

Additionally, wedding experts expect to see an increase in philanthropy in lieu of traditional registries, inspired by the 2018 wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

2. Wedding scents

Yes – you heard us right – custom wedding scents that tickle the olfactory sense are slated to be a hot wedding trend in 2024.

According to wedding authority, The Knot, “Custom blends are being crafted especially for the occasion, spritzed on invites, pumped through the venue and even gifted in candle form as a party favor.”

3. Experience-based registries

Move over Le Creuset enamelware and Kitchen Aid mixers!

Long gone are the days of traditional wedding registries for home goods. Instead, 2024 is all about registering for experiences. This could mean having friends and family contribute to honeymoon adventures like scuba diving, local cooking lessons, or a sunset horseback ride.

Additionally, many couples are registering for gifts that will keep giving long after the wedding such as meal subscription boxes or even wine-of-the-month clubs!

4. Unique entertainment

Aside from bands and DJs, 2024 wedding trends are all about totally unique entertainment. We anticipate that some of the most popular entertainment options will include tarot card readers, impersonators, palm readers, magicians, and even caricaturists!

5.Unplugged ceremonies

Does it seem like you can never get away from your phone? If you are looking for a break from constant screen time in 2024, you may be in luck. Hosting “unplugged weddings” where guests are asked to abstain from cell phone use and focus on the event at hand is a fast growing wedding trend.
However, experts predict you won’t be able to totally ditch digital media at the reception where everyone will want to capture shots of the happy couple.

Our top takeaways on 2024 wedding trends

Whether you are ready or not, the 2024 wedding season is upon us! This year’s wedding trends are all about embracing modern simplicity and we cannot wait to see how couples adapt these styles to their own unique tastes.

So here’s to an exciting year of weddings — filled with bold colors, luscious florals, decadent desserts, and most definitely drones!

Wedding Trends Pinterest Pin

Here’s a Pin for your favorite Pinterest board. 

Original Photo: Taylor Jewell via Vogue


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