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14 Wedding Food Ideas Everyone Will Love

Wedding food is one of the most important aspects of your big day (second only to the marriage ceremony and the beautiful send off at the end of course!).

Especially if you want to make sure everyone is happy and full!

But, what should you choose as your food of choice?

Here are 14 wedding food ideas that your guests won’t be able to say no to!

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DIY Wedding Food Versus Catering

DIY Vs Catering

This is completely up to you.

While catering is in most cases the easiest option, you may want to skip the professionals simply due to your budget (stick around, we’ve got some AWESOME catering ideas that are super budget-friendly!) or your family decided they would like to take on the challenge.

However, don’t write off catering due to budgetary reasons.

You might find that after all of the ingredients and time spent cooking (or additional cookware you may need) that it is comparable to select one of the options below.

We recommend consulting with some caterers to ballpark a price with them and compare what it will take for you to recreate that same meal with ingredients from your local grocery store.

Regardless of your choice, we’ve got some ideas that are easy enough for the most beginner cooks.

Wedding Food Ideas On A Budget

Wedding Food Ideas On A Budget

With so many things that can be involved in weddings, it’s easy to forget that it all adds up.

For those of you that have a budget and are sticking to it, here are some ideas for you!

Sautéed Chicken Breasts

Chicken And Veggies

Chicken can be cooked a ton of ways, but we like the idea of sautéed chicken breasts for the main dish of a wedding.

Not only is it extremely delicious, but it’s simple to make and uses inexpensive ingredients.

These go great with your favorite veggies for a nice, healthy meal!

Salad With A Twist

Build Your Own Salad

Salad in itself probably isn’t an idea you were looking for.

Offering salad with a toppings bar filled with meats, fruits, and other veggies is enough to fulfill anyone’s appetite though!

Check out our salad buffet idea below for some more options!

Can’t Go Wrong With Some Cold Cuts!

Cold Cut Sandwiches

No, this isn’t an ad for Wawa’s Hoagiefest (although we might have to go grab a hoagie after this!).

Having a few options laid out such as turkey, ham, roast beef, and Italian sandwiches are simple enough to put together and diverse enough to satisfy all of your guests.

You could even have platters on every table with a few of the subs ready to eat.

Just make sure you don’t forget the condiments!

Your local sub shop will probably be able to cut you an awesome deal if you give them enough time in advance to prepare, and big chains like Subway have catering options at the ready.

If you’re looking for a truly amazing deal, the Walmart deli has 6-foot sub options packed with turkey, ham, roast beef, and cheese for a very reasonable price.

They even come with condiments and veggies!

Barbecue: Cheap, Delicious, Tasty, Amazing, Etc. You Get The Point!

Ribs With Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue is the perfect option for any occasion.

Including food for your wedding.

Pulled pork is a great option that will satisfy just about everyone at your wedding.

Ribs might get a little messy, but if you’re a die-hard fan of the tasty meal we recommend having some bibs and wet wipes at the ready.

Want to make your BBQ meal unique?

We recommend grabbing a few different barbecue sauces for everyone to try.


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Unique Wedding Food Ideas For Those With Out-Of-The-Box Style!

Unique Wedding Food Ideas

Sometimes sticking to tradition is the right thing to do.

For those that think the food is one of the items you can branch out on, have we got some ideas for you!

If you are looking to be the talk of the town, or simply want to try some awesome foods on your big day, check out these unconventional wedding foods.

Bring In The Food Trucks!

Taco Food Truck

This has been done a few times, but we think there is still some uniqueness to it.

Food trucks have some of the best foods you can get your hands on.

You see them in your business park, at your university, walking around at your local fair…why not at your wedding?

You can go wild with the choices here as well.

To find them?

If you know where your favorite truck is, just go up and talk to them!

Not sure where they’re going to be?

Do a simple search for “food trucks near me”.

Chances are your city will have a directory full of potential caterers and their schedules, contact information, menus, etc.

Build Your Own Pizza Catering

Build Your Own Pizza

We’ve seen pizza food trucks at weddings, but we’d love to see a build your own pizza option!

Imagine a buffet style layout where you take your dough through the line and add your favorite toppings.

Add as much or as little as you like and then pass it to the chef to have it cooked over a wood-fired grill.

Not only will you be able to satisfy everyone with the seemingly limitless possibilities, but it would be super fun to design your own pizza at a wedding.

Get Your Favorite Chain To Cater

Chipotle Catering Menu Banner
Screenshot taken from Catering Guru’s video

Although this seems like a simple option, we haven’t seen it done at very many weddings.

Chipotle, Subway, Sonny’s BBQ, and more all have catering options available.

Not only are they extremely affordable, but they all have delicious menus that you can bring to your wedding.

Just go to your favorite restaurant and see what options are available.

Local chains are also a great option and are a blast to show off to relatives not from your area!

Wedding Buffet Ideas

Wedding Buffet Ideas

Who doesn’t love a buffet?

If you’re looking for some great food that you dish yourself and can go back for seconds, take a look at these tasty buffet ideas for your wedding.

A Mexican-Style Buffet

Build Your Own Taco Buffet Style

This awesome option has the build-your-own style to it.

Offering different meats, rice, beans, and other ingredients will satisfy most of your guests (make sure to have veggies available for those who don’t eat meat!).

We recommend grabbing some uniquely flavored hot sauces to spice things up.

Want to have some fun?

Grab some of the hottest sauces you can find and see who is daring enough to try it (this works well with peppers too)!

A Pasta Buffet

Spaghetti With Marinara Sauce

Walking through the line, you’d be able to choose from different pasta options, sauces, and meats.

This idea invites guests to go up for seconds to try the different combinations.

You can accompany the pasta with your favorite vegetables and a garlic bread option to complete the meal.

Build Your Own Hot Sandwich

Bacon Cheeseburger

There is a wide variety of options here for you.

For the meats: you can select anything from chicken (grilled or fried), burgers, fish (fried or grilled), pork (pulled or sliced), and more.

Choose a combination of both if you’d like to give your guests a choice depending on their style.

Accompany the meats with toppings to match such as lettuce and tomatoes, cheese, sauce, and other condiments.

For the sides, you can go with vegetables, baked beans, rice, or have some mac n cheese ready.

Having A Brunchtime Wedding? Opt For A Breakfast Bar!

Breakfast Buffet With Sweets

Let’s be honest, breakfast food can be served any time of day.

Don’t agree?

Take it up with Ron Swanson!

For breakfast options, you can offer pancakes, waffles, or french toast, or a combination.

Add in scrambled eggs, grits, hash browns or home fries, bacon sausage and/or ham to complete the meal.

You can also add a fresh fruit salad for those looking for a healthy option.

Don’t forget the syrup!

We recommend offering some unique syrups to allow guests to get creative with their meals.


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Simple Wedding Food Ideas

Simple Wedding Food Ideas

Simplicity is key in quite a few weddings.

Some prefer a nice, ordinary meal that everyone enjoys.

No exotic fish or rare vegetables found halfway across the globe (we’re not exaggerating, we swear!).

For those of you that like to keep things toned down, here are some simple ideas for wedding food.

Chicken Or Fish, Vegetable, And Side

Chicken With Fries And Salad

A very simple, elegant option for your wedding.

You can pair chicken and/or fish with some steamed green beans or broccoli, and baked or mashed potatoes.

Rice is also a great side for both, and offering a salad option will also satisfy your vegetarian guests.

Offering both chicken and fish will allow your guests two simple yet delicious choices.

Steak, Broccoli, And Potatoes

Steak And Veggies

Select the style of steak that you love.

Then add in some broccoli and baked potatoes and you have yourself a simple meal that your guests will love.

Similar to chicken and fish, pairing steak with a salad option will help satisfy your vegetarian guests, so you may want to replace the broccoli with that.

Choice Of Meat, Choice Of Vegetable, Choice Of Side

We’ve given two simple options, and they share the same formula.

You can create a simple wedding meal using this same formula.

Choose your favorite meat.

Add a vegetable to the menu.

Offer an additional side.

Salad optional for the vegetarian guests.

With this, you’ll be able to create meal options that all of your guests will love.

What Is/Was Your Wedding Food Of Choice?

Now that we’ve given you some awesome ideas to consider, what have you decided on for your wedding (or what was your wedding food of choice at your wedding for those who already tied the knot?)?

We’d love to know!

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15 Year Wedding Industry Veteran Reveals Her 61-Point Checklist For Dead-Simple Wedding Planning
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