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The Essence of Stunning Wedding Photos [Infographic]

Photos are how you are going to remember your wedding.

Make them count.

When you look back in that old shoebox or album, you’ll want to see just how perfect your day was…as perfect as you remember it.

That won’t happen with mediocre photos.

We’ve gone out and asked 7 of the most well-known wedding photographers for their strategies for capturing stunning wedding photos.

Here they are.
essence of stunning wedding photos infographic

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1. Move, Don’t Pose – Christian Oth

“Being photographed can sometimes be intimidating for those who are not used to being in front of the camera. To take the edge off, staying in motion with your body is the key because when you stand still you are aware of the way you cross your legs, dangle your arms or place your hands.”

– Christian Oth, Christian Oth Studio

When you pose, many thoughts are going through your head.

“Does this pose look right?”

“How long do I have to hold this for?”

“I hope these turn out good!”

All of these thoughts about the photos and poses themselves takes away from your photos looking natural.

When posing, Christian Oth states that “Not only will your body look twisted, but so will the 42 muscles in your face show that you are feeling out of sorts.”

Take your mind off of posing and just have a great time.

Be in the moment and trust that your photographer will capture those stunning photos.

2. Give In To Your Emotions – Chaz Cruz

“If you want to smile, smile large. If you want to cry, cry hard! You don’t want to look back at your photos and regret not being your authentic self.”

Being authentic in your photos is important.

You don’t want to look back and see how you were trying to hold back tears or had on a fake smile.

Be your true self and you’ll love your photos that much more.

3. Meet your photographer beforehand – Honest Hue

“Your photographer will be with you and close to you for the majority of time during the most important day of your life. You need to make sure you and your photographer click with each other, to ensure getting the best images of your big day.”

– Honest Hue, Katy Rox Photography

With everything going on before the wedding, it’s easy to just book a photographer and forget about them until your wedding.

But, photographers have different personalities and this shows in their work.

If you wait ’til your big day to meet your photographer, you won’t be able to turn back.

If you both have conflicting values, your photos won’t turn out as good and you’ll be disappointed.

Make sure to meet with your photographer before your wedding and see if you click.

4. Budget to spend 10% on your photographic requirements – Brett Florens

“Resist the temptation to employ the services of a friend who “has a great camera”. This could end in in disaster.”

Although it’s tempting to hire Aunt Karen to shoot your wedding, chances are it’s not worth it.

While having a friend or family member with a nice camera is convenient, it will most likely end with you dissatisfied.

It takes a lot to capture and edit amazing photos.

Leave it to the experts.

10% of your budget is a small investment for a lifetime of memories.

5. Reduce the number of shooting hours – Imaginary Photography

“It is better to pay a bit more to get a good photographer, perhaps cutting the hours down to just the bridal preparation, ceremony and bride and groom session in order to get good shots, rather than lots of mediocre shots of the entire wedding and reception.”

When tasked with planning everything, it’s easy to overlook ways to save money.

One of these is how long you book your photographer for.

As opposed to having them there the entire wedding, why not book them for the most important moments?

Your photos will turn out much better if you hire an excellent photographer for a few shots than an amateur photographer for the entire wedding.

6. Schedule your group photos – Jess Petrie

“Make a list of who you want in your formal photographs, and give the list to someone who can organise getting everyone together for you.”

– Jess Petrie, Jess Petrie Photography

Creating a schedule for your photos removes one large stressful task from your mind.

Plan ahead and pick where your group shots will be taken and who will be in them.

This includes photos with the bridesmaids and groomsmen, photos with both of the families, and you want to make sure everyone is there for an extravagant wedding send off.

Pass this on to a few helpers to spread the word and make sure everyone is there at the desired time.

This will make things run smoother than if you were to try and gather everyone at the time of the photo.

7. Hire A Wedding Planner – Michelle Lea Photographie

“If you’re stressed on your wedding day, it will show in your photos! Having a wedding planner will allow you, and both your families to enjoy your wedding without the added stress of getting everything done.”

– Michelle Lea, Michelle Lea Photographie

Hiring a wedding planner is essential if you want to remove loads of stress.

Trust us, stress WILL show up in your photos.

For natural, truly happy looking photos, leave the planning to an expert and have fun on your big day!

Want some inspiration for planning those perfect wedding photos or are you looking to find the right photographer for your wedding?

Check out our best wedding blogs guide to find 17 blogs that will inspire you to take truly stunning wedding photos!

Do you have any extra tips that have helped you take stunning wedding photography? Share with us below!

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