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Brighter Light. Better Photos.

To capture the best possible photos at your wedding send off, good lights are essential. 

The experts at photographylife.com say “If you master light, you master photography. Photography is light. Without it, you couldn’t take pictures in the first place.”

At Bride Envy, we engineered our products to produce the ideal light for optimal photo conditions.  

On this page, we reveal the “special sauce” (the technical specifications) that separate our products from everyone else. 

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Radiant™ Wedding Sparklers

Radiant™ Wedding Sparklers were engineered to be twice as bright as other brands. Why? Because the bright, showery light creates a better environment for beautiful send off photos. 

Why Radiant™ is Brighter

It’s no secret…

Radiant™ is brighter because we use more “sparkler batter” on our sparklers.  

The “sparkler batter” is the “gray stuff” that burns. 

By including MORE “gray stuff” on the wire, our sparklers burn brighter.  

In manufacturing, we dip the wires in the “sparkler batter” multiple times.  And every time the wire is dipped, the batter grows thicker. 

That’s why our sparklers are twice as bright as the other guys. 

Radiant™ is Brighter (Video Proof)

The following videos prove that Radiant™ Wedding Sparklers produce twice as much light as our closest, most popular competitor.

 They’re totally raw and unedited.  So please forgive the bad audio. 

Video #1 - Radiant™ Wedding Sparkler (103 lux)

At 2:32 the light meter hits the highest level exceeding 103 lux.

Video #2 - Our Closest Competitor Wedding Sparkler (47 lux)

At 1:36 the light meter hits the highest level exceeding 47 lux.

AirLight™ LED Balloons

LED stands for “light emitting diode.” An LED bulb produces light by passing electric current, measured in voltage, through a semiconducting material – the diode – which then emits photons (light) through the principle of electroluminescence.

To achieve a brighter light with our AirLight™ brand, we simply increase the voltage that passes from the batteries to the LED bulb.  

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED’s don’t produce heat, so the higher voltage doesn’t pop the balloons.

We hired an independent lab to create a video that shows the difference between AirLight™ LED Balloons and our competitors and we’ll post it on this page when it’s complete. 

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